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Our law firm specializes in all types of immigration cases. We can help you obtain nonimmigrant visas such as:

  • H-1 (professional)

  • H-2 (temporary worker)

  • H-3 (trainee)

  • H-4 (H family members)

  • L-1 (managers and executives)

  • L-2 (L family members)

  • TN (NAFTA visas for Mexicans and Canadians)

  • B1/B2 (tourist), J-1 (cultural exchange)

  • R (religious worker)

  • F-1 (student)

  • K-1 (fiancée)

  • O & P (for athletes and entertainers), etc.

Additionally we handle all Change of Status and Adjustments of Status Applications:

  • Residence Petitions (Green Cards) for all family members including the spouses, children, parents, and siblings of U.S. citizens and permanent residents residing in the United States or abroad.

  • Adjustment of Status Applications for spouses or children of U.S. citizens who entered the U.S. with a visa, even if they overstayed their visa.

  • Investment immigration.

  • Employment immigration/perm.

  • Asylum; Spouse Abuse cases & Religious Workers Petitions.

  • Renewal of Employment Authorization Card.

  • Extension of Visa Applications for B1/B2 visa holders.

  • Advanced Parole for travel while cases are pending.

  • Preparation of Affidavit of Support for tourist visa applicants.

  • Representation at all Interviews at the Immigration Office.

  • Special Applications for Abused Spouses and Children.

  • Case Status Inquiries.

  • Freedom of Information Act requests (FOIA) to obtain your full Immigration records.

Gain permanent residence (green cards) and citizenship (certain individuals may take the exam in their native language). Persons with family members already in the United States of America can have those family members petition the government to give visas to any foreign relatives.

All types of deportation and political asylum cases. Persons who are illegally in the United States of America have many options available to them to legalize their status.

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