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If you don't have
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We can handle any accident or malpractice case

No fee is charged unless we
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You can change your attorney at any time without harming
your case

 We have a proven track record of securing huge monetary settlements on behalf of our clients


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We will handle your tax problems and returns. Every year millions of people file Federal Income Tax returns through our law firm.  We also help you find out if your income is below the filing requirement.

Discover what life events impact your taxes. There are many events in our lives that effect our taxes. You need to know them if you what5 to save money on your taxes. Find out what they are and how we can help you take advantage of them.

Handle the IRS. We realize that receiving a notice from the IRS can be unnerving, but we will help you to resolve the discrepancy and make the procedure should be straight forward for you. If you disagree with the results of an audit or IRS collection actions, you may have the right to an appeal.

Do you know the tax scams? You must avoid illegal tax schemes as they  could result in imprisonment and fines. But with our help you will learn what you can legally do to save taxes. We educate you to avoid the pitfalls of  the “too good to be true” tax scams.

Future planning. We will tell you how much money or property you can give away during your lifetime or leave to your heirs at your death before any tax will be owed.

Our costs are reasonable, and we make the process easy, quick, and comfortable.

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